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Preparing for Your First Visit

Family Dentist Minneapolis

If you need to establish ongoing care family dentistrywith a family dentist, our Minneapolis practice is here to help you. We can help you prepare for your first visit, coordinate with your insurance provider, and make it very simple to become one of our valued patients. Contact us today to book your first appointment. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Getting to Know You

Our team asks that you provide a variety of documents, and fill out forms from our office. By gathering your information before your visit, we can maximize the use of your appointment time. The documents needed to establish care through our practice include:

1. Personal Documents

  • Health records
  • Medical history information
  • A list of questions and topics you wish to discuss with your dentist
  • Insurance card – please verify your insurance coverage before making your visit

2. Office Provided Forms

We ask that you please download, print, and complete the office-provided forms at home before your visit.

What Can I Expect?

Our doctors have your best interests at heart, and we are excited to begin a long-lasting relationship with you. Your first visit will include a conversation with your dentist, during which we encourage you to bring up questions and concerns regarding your oral health and future dental care goals. Your dentist will ask you about your current health status and health history, and perform a comprehensive examination, including a visual exam and full X-rays.

family dentistryOnce your exam is complete, Dr. Henrickson or Dr. Tandon will discuss your current state of oral health. If you require treatment, we will explain the services that best suit your needs. Together, you and your family dentist will agree upon a long-term personalized care plan, as well as immediate treatments for short-term goals. Keep in mind, by providing us with the completed set of documents and forms necessary to begin your first visit, we can spend the entire appointment time dedicated solely to your dental care.

Payment Options

Our team shares a vision of providing all of our patients with the same level of top quality, dedicated dental care. If you do not have dental insurance, or your insurance does not cover your treatment, we offer a variety of payment options. One of our financing options includes CareCredit™, a third party, low-payment financing company endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA). We encourage you to speak with us prior to your appointment so we can create a payment plan that is right for your budget.

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to establish ongoing dental health care with our practice, contact us at Twin Cities Modern Dentistry to schedule an appointment. By spending a moment preparing for your visit, you can expect a streamlined, comfortable experience that maximizes the personalized attention to your oral health that you deserve.