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By Eden Prairie Dentist on Monday, July 4th, 2016 in Special Treatments, TMJ/TMD | No Comments

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

If you haven’t heard of TMJ or TMD before, you will want to discover more about it if you have been recently diagnosed. A curious condition, experts cannot uncover why it occurs. What they know is that it strikes the temporomandibular joints (which connect your head to your lower jaw) and can cause a lot of trouble. Clearly, there are many benefits of TMJ Treatment and it is why we offer it to patients at Twin Cities Modern Dentistry in Eden Prairie, MN.

The symptoms of TMJ or TMD are extremely varied. You might have stiffness, popping or noise when using the jaw, loss of movement, headache and neck pain, serious ear pain, sore teeth and more. Many patients also develop secondary issues such as bruxism (teeth grinding), poor appetite and a low sense of wellbeing.

Clearly, treating this condition is important if it can address such symptoms, but there are even more benefits of TMJ Treatment. Let’s consider what we can offer you as your TMJ or TMD dentist in Eden Prairie. The benefits of TMJ Treatment include:

An end to pain – The treatments include oral appliances, medications, and lifestyle changes as well as therapies and even surgeries in some instances. These are going to alleviate the ongoing pain that has probably reduced your overall quality of life. Additionally, you will find that your body, in general, begins to function better once the pain of TMJ is ended or reduced.

It improves your diet – Many people do not realize how they changed their way of eating once they began to really struggle with TMD. Fortunately, one of the most immediate benefits of TMJ Treatment is that you can begin to eat again. Foods that were hard to chew or which required the full strength of the jaw can be returned to the diet and this too improves your health.

It ends the secondary problems that develop – Grinding your teeth can cause fractures and breakage. This can lead to decay and loss of adult teeth. It can also cause pain in the jaw and ears or face and neck. Treatment prevents these things both day and night, improving health overall.

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The benefits of treatment for TMJ or TMD are extensive and go beyond even those listed above. If you have additional questions about the benefits of TMJ treatment, or to discuss any of the treatments mentioned here, give us a call at our Eden Prairie, MN office at 952-941-9829. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.