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Invisalign® Eden Prairie

InvisalignInvisalign® clear braces are the ideal solution for people who want to have a better smile, but hate the idea of wearing metal braces. The Invisalign® system is a series of clear aligners that can correct crooked teeth or a bad bite, and unless you want to tell people that you are having orthodontic work done, chances are that they will never notice.

The Benefits of Invisalign®

One of the biggest advantages that Invisalign® clear braces have over metal braces is that they can be removed. Metal braces, on the other hand, once put in place, have to stay there for the duration of the treatment. That led to a multitude of problems, the worst of which was food particles getting trapped in, around, and underneath the metal. That led to another trade-off – once the braces came off, you would definitely have a better smile, but you would probably also be well on the road to decay. And that decay would happen on the front of your teeth, where it was most noticeably and also difficult to correct. Invisalign® braces can actually be removed, and that means there is no danger of food getting trapped. You simply take them off to eat, then brush and floss, and put them back on. Don’t fall for any misconceptions that metal braces are just as comfortable as Invisalign. 


Invisalign® clear braces can be removed, and that is a huge advantage over metal braces, that’s a fact. There is no mouth full of metal that has to stay there throughout the course of the treatment, just invisible aligners that you can take out when you are eating. Then brush, floss, and put the aligner back in your mouth. You never have to worry about trapped food particles.

With Invisalign®, you also do not have to worry about the pain involved in having your braces tightened. That is one of the many pros of Invisalign treatment. Invisalign® works as a series of aligners, the first of which is simply designed to fit your teeth as they are when you first come in for treatment. The final aligner is the one that fits your teeth the way they are supposed to be at the end of the treatment. Over the course of the treatment, you may wear as many as 30 different aligners, all of which correct your bite so gently and so gradually that you will never feel any discomfort.

Of course, the best thing about Invisalign® clear braces is that they are unnoticeable. This is a huge benefit, especially to teens who are already usually self-conscious about their appearance. For that matter, adults also sometimes feel self-conscious when wearing metal braces and do not want to have to contend with comments like, “Look at you, all ready for the pep rally,” or, “Can you bring in radio on those things?” If you have resisted having your smile improved out of fear of insensitive comments, you now have one less thing to worry about.

The Procedure

The first step to being fitted with Invisalign® clear braces is having impressions taken of your teeth. Then, your dentist will use special software to create 3-D images of your teeth and determine the type and number of aligners you will require. You will be given the full set, so you won’t have to come back for fittings – you will simply change them at home regularly. This means far fewer appointments than you would need if you were wearing metal braces – just a few visits during the course of your treatment to make sure that everything is going the way it should.

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