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At Twin Cities Modern Dentistry, our goal is to constantly be at the forefront of dental technology. That is because we do not want you to be afraid to come and visit us – you have heard the horror stories that your parents and grandparents told, about sitting in an uncomfortable chair, having huge needles driven into their mouths, waiting for nearly an hour for the local anesthetic to work and then finding out halfway into the dental work that it really didn’t. And then, of course, spitting a ton of blood out into a basin.

At Twin Cities, that’s not going to happen. Simply stated, dental technology has come a very long way, and we can help you to achieve good oral health without aggravation and discomfort. The following are some of the technologies that we use to ensure better dental health with less discomfort for you and your family.

Intra-Oral (IRIS) Cameras

One of the methods that we use to determine the best course of treatment for you and your family is intra-oral cameras. They are small video cameras that take pictures of your teeth. Then your dentist uses special software to magnify those pictures by as much as 25x, and projects them onto a screen so that he can see everything that is happening in your mouth. Plaque deposit, worn teeth, damaged fillings and decayed areas all show up in a huge way. Then, your dentist can determine the type of treatment that you need.

Intra-oral cameras are one of the best ways of identifying early decay and other dental problems before they can take hold and severely compromise your oral health. It is simply another method that your dentist uses to identify and treat problems early on before they can cause serious oral issues that can create even more complications later on down the road.

DIAGNOdent® Laser Cavity Detection

For good oral health, cavities have to be identified before they can take hold and not only rot out one tooth, but spread to other teeth. DIAGNOdent uses a laser to find early signs of decay so that they can be treated before they cause more damage. Even the most skilled dentist might not notice very small cavities, but DIAGNOdenet will.

If you are going to maintain good oral health, it is essential that cavities are identified before they have a chance to develop further. DIAGNOdent is a system that operates using a laser light to detect early signs of decay. Even the smallest cavities can be detected early on, so they can be treated before they become problematic and cause further damage to the structure of your tooth.

No matter how vigilant your dentist is about examining your teeth, he or she may not find small cavities. In fact, they may not even show up on an X-ray. But with the DIAGNODENT system, cavities can be identified instantly, and you can take the appropriate measures to stop the damage before it gets to the point where you need huge fillings or even an extraction.

CEREC® Machine

CEREC® is actually not a name. It is an acronym. It stands for “Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic,” and it is an amazing dental tool. It actually allows your dentist to examine your teeth, and then create dental crowns for you and put them in place without the need for an outside lab. What that means is that you can actually have crowns created and put in place in just one appointment. In fact, you can even have as many as twelve crowns made and installed in a single day.

CEREC® crowns are made of a special porcelain that is colored in such a way that it looks just like your natural teeth. All the imaging is done in a single visit, and your crowns are also manufactured on the same day. You can literally come into our office and leave the same day with a full set of crowns. Does it get any better?

WaterLase® Laser

If you asked most dental patients what they hated most about visits to the dentist, they would likely all tell you that it’s not the time involved, it’s not the expense, and it’s not even the needles – it’s the drill. And to be honest, at Twin Cities Modern Dentistry in Eden Prairie, we are not all that crazy about the sound of the drill either. And even if you can stand the sound, you are still going to feel pressure from the drill in your mouth. That is because the drill works by means of friction.

Okay, our dentists are really good at numbing you up so that you won’t feel pain. That is not going to do much as far as the drill is concerned. Fortunately, with laser technology, you might not have to worry about the drill, or even the needle. We use the WaterLase method, which removes decay from your teeth without drilling and without anesthetic. It is suitable for most patients, so ask us about it.

Digital Imaging

One of the biggest advantages of modern dentistry right now is digital imaging. In years gone by, getting a good picture of your mouth could be very difficult. It might require a number of X-rays, and a lot of time spent in the dentists’ chair. Fortunately, with today’s advances when it comes to digital technology as it applies to modern dentistry, you can have X-rays taken in practically no time at all, and your dentist can look at them and start your procedure right away.

Digital imaging can also offer a full, 3-D picture of your mouth, so if you need veneers, crowns, or implants, your dentist can know exactly what to do without having to wait for pictures to come back from a lab. It is just one more way that modern dental technology can help you to achieve a much better smile as well as full functionality in your mouth.

With all the new advances in dental technology making procedures much easier and less painless, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come in and see us at Twin Cities Modern Dentistry in Eden Prairie. Call us today at 952-941-9429 and discover how these new technologies can work for you.