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Twin Cities Modern Dentistry is your provider of Fastbraces® in Eden Prairie. Fastbraces® is an orthodontic technology that works twice as fast as traditional braces, and is also considerably less expensive. It is perfect for kids and adults alike, and features clear brackets for a better appearance. Fastbraces® have been in use for the past 20 years, and they are proven to be safe and effective.

The Benefits of Fastbraces®

FastbracesThe best thing about Fastbraces® is that they are… well, fast! Unlike traditional braces, they can correct your smile in about a year, and sometimes in as little as three months. This is because they are uniquely designed. Old-fashioned braces are square-shaped, and function by moving the top of the teeth in the first year of treatment, and the root during the second year. It’s pretty simple math – it adds up to two years of wearing braces. In contrast, Fastbraces® are triangle-shaped, allowing the top and the roots to move simultaneously. That is how Fastbraces® are able to do in a year or less what traditional braces need two years to accomplish. To use a couple of analogies, it is like the difference between driving to your destination or flying there, or like the difference between high-speed and dial-up Internet.

Now, a word about pain. If you know someone who has had their teeth straightened or their bite corrected using traditional metal braces, you have probably heard horror stories about what happens when the braces have to be tightened. Usually it involves a significant adjustment every few weeks, and at best discomfort for a day or two. At worst, it can mean a fair bit of pain for several days, during which time the patient is in misery and unable to eat the foods they love. If you are under the impression that Fastbraces® will be uncomfortable because they move more quickly than traditional braces, you are mistaken. To use the above analogies, flying is not more painful than driving – it is simply faster. And high-speed Internet isn’t painful at all when you compare it with the misery of dial-up!

We can’t tell you that Fastbraces® are invisible. They are not. They are somewhat less obvious than metal braces, but realistically, people will notice them. If you are not sensitive about your appearance, Fastbraces® can be a great choice. That’s because they work far more quickly than invisible braces. They are also less costly than either invisible braces or traditional braces.

The Procedure

FastbracesThe procedure for being fitted with Fastbraces® is essentially the same as with any other kind – impressions will be taken of your mouth in order to determine the type of correction needed, and then your braces will be manufactured and installed. You will need a few follow-up visits (usually about every six weeks) to make sure that everything is going according to plan, and to have your braces adjusted. Because the treatment works so quickly, you will have far fewer office visits overall than you would with traditional or clear braces.

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