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general dentist in Eden PrairieThe letters that follow any dental professional’s name can read like a bowl of alphabet soup to the average patient. You see DDS or DMD and so on, and yet this does not tell you if that general dentist in Eden Prairie can supply you with the treatments and/or skills you need. Fortunately, at Twin Cities Modern Dentistry in Eden Prairie, MN, we have a qualified team of dental professionals that can supply you with general dentistry, preventative dentistry and much more.

Choosing a General Dentist in Eden Prairie

How can you know what you need from your general dentist in Eden Prairie? The first thing to consider is your household. Are you a single adult, two adults, parents with kids, or even a multi-generational family with a senior or two? This is an important detail because each person has specific needs. Family dentistry should be that – capable of serving the family – and as your general dentist in Eden Prairie, we do offer an enormous variety of treatment options and areas.

While a general dentist is usually a dentist who can provide certain cosmetic treatments and even some family care, as your general dentist in Eden Prairie, we can offer you specialized care that includes:

An effective general dentist is going to be able to address this diversity of needs, as well as emergency treatments and more. Fortunately, this is what our patients can count on – in addition to the general and preventative work.

After all, you will need to come in at least once per year (preferably twice) to get a checkup and cleaning. You might need fillings or root canals and if you have young children, a bit of pediatric dentistry is important too. Getting your youngest family members familiar to a dental office is an important part of any family dental facility, and we can ensure that your kids have a positive outlook about dental offices from an early age.

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