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Laser Dentistry Minneapolis

At Twin Cities Modern Dentistry in Eden Prairies, we are pleased to provide our patients with the latest techniques that are designed to reduce discomfort and achieve better results. Laser dentistry can be used in a variety of general dental procedures, and it is far less stressful on the patient than traditional methods.

We use the WaterLase® system, which allows us to work more effectively with soft tissues. There’s no noisy drill, and you can generally get by with less local anesthetic – sometimes even none!

Laser Dentistry Procedures

Using the WaterLase® system, we can effectively remove small decayed areas without using any local anesthetic. Additionally, we can remove the decayed area with greater precision, removing less of your tooth. Then, we follow up with a tooth-colored filling.

laser dentistryPeriodontal therapy is also considerably easier and more effective using laser treatment. Periodontal (gum) disease occurs when plaque develops on your teeth and in the gum area, leading to pockets of bacteria setting up home in the space between your gums and teeth. If left untreated, the gum tissues will deteriorate, the roots of the teeth will become exposed, and the teeth can be lost. Initial treatments for gum disease involve scaling and root planing, using either a topical or a local anesthetic, followed by antibiotics. At Twin Cities Modern Dentistry, we also offer laser treatments that are designed to eliminate bacteria. This kind of treatment replaces conventional, invasive surgical techniques. The WaterLase system kills bacteria, decontaminates the area between the gums and the teeth, and also removes diseased gum tissue. It removes only the damaged tissue, and doesn’t affect the tooth structure or the surrounding healthy tissue.

Gum Contouring

laser dentistryLaser treatments can also be used cosmetically. If your gums show too much when you smile, it can make you feel self-conscious. If that is the case, you could benefit from gum contouring (also known as “cosmetic crown lengthening”). It is a procedure that removes the excessive gum tissue, giving you the appearance of longer teeth and a less “gummy” smile. This procedure can also be used to prepare your teeth for other procedures, like the installation of dental crowns.

Children’s Restorations

Children are often very apprehensive about dental treatments, often because it is something new to them. Sometimes, unfortunately, a child may have had a bad experience because dental procedures were not properly explained – kids like surprises that involve treats, outings, balloons and so on; not surprises that involve needles!

At Twin Cities Modern Dentistry, our dentists will take the time to explain to your child exactly what is going to happen, and do their best to make sure that the procedure is as stress-free as possible. Children are great candidates for laser dentistry because of the need for little or no anesthetic, and no unpleasant noises from dental drills. The most they’ll hear is a sort of soft clicking. When a child’s tooth decay is caught early on, treatments can be completely non-invasive thanks to laser therapy.

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